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Date: 21.11.11-30.11.11 
Participants: Alex,Konstantin 
Location: Regensburg, Germania
Pictures: here

About the trip in Regensburg I don't have much to say. After all, it was a business trip - nothing special to relate. First of all, I was not in the mood to go there. 

For sure, it was kind of bad luck for me to land in Germany after a vacation in Asia. The things are totally different: on one side you have the colors, the joy of life and especially the laid-back spirit of Asia. A society without rules. One the other side, you have a high tech society led by thousands of rules. With robots programmed to do their tasks and nothing else. A place where imagination is killed. A place where lazy people like me don't belong. 

Anyway, after I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown, I remembered the Asia strategy, the one  when I wanted to escape of the annoying merchants: I start to mimic them. I use it also here.

I hated to be there and counted the days until I came home. One good part was that I had enough time to wrote my blogs. 

I can't stop been cynic and thinking about Yannis - our host in Thassos. He had time. Loooooot of time. And he run and cycling and live life as he want. And all  of these, when at few countries on the west, a bunch of robots take the same bus everyday, make the same job, have the same "rituals" day by day - without a change. And they have to do that, because our Yannis need their money. 

I don't know who's the moron  in this story: the hardworking German ant or the lazy Greek grasshopper. For sure I want to live the live of Yannis and the dream that in the spring I will go in Thassos again and then perhaps in other exotic country, make me feel better in the gloomy atmosphere of Regensburg. 

In the week-end is no way that I will remain in Regensburg - all the week the weather was foggy and humid. And I don't want to enlarge the suicidal statistics of this town. 

My luck has a name: Konstantin. He was my boss in my former years in company and in time we became good friends. We meet every year at ski in Austria and was aways pleasure to spent the winter holiday with him. 

So in the week-end I will go to his home town - Murnau which is at 80km in south of Munchen. 

As a remark, my praises were herd: on the way to Murnau, the train had a delay! I was the happiest man in the train. So it is possible, even in Germany! Everybody else became nervous and keep looking at their watches. It was something new and unusual for them  - the train to be late. This delay made my day and I was in a very good mood when I descend from train and meet Konstantin. 

It is pleasure to hear the stories from Konstantin - he has a special way to relate them. After he took me from the train station, we were at one of his cousin from were I took a pair of mountain boots - I came prepared for mountain  trips, except the boots. 

After this we went to his apartment were we met Michaela and spent the rest of the evening chatting. 

For the next day, Konstantin will take me to the mountains. First the idea was to go to ski, but the situation in Germany is similar with the one in Romania: a very hard drought has hit the country. From six weeks in the row no drop of rain or snowflake has fall. Is a disaster for the ski resorts in the area.  Taken this situation we choose to go to trekking. 

Murnau is near the mountains so we were quite early at the beginning of the route. As I consider German language impossible to speak, I blocked myself the part of the brain responsible with memorizing the name of the places - so I have no idea were we were. 

The track choose  by Konstantin was a remote one. And a hard one too. Like almost all the tracks in Alps it start climbing from the very first meters and it climbs on a very steep slope. 

It was not long before I start to sweat and to require "picture time"  breaks. The track itself was very beautiful  - it remind me of Tarcu or Godeanu mountains back home. Really nobody here. 

In quite short time we left the forest behind in order to climb on a bed of rocks. 

This part was also very steep and take us to a saddle. From here we were on a ridge which lead us to the top of mountain. 

On the top, we had our lunch break and enjoy the viewing. 

Every time I came to Alps I can't stop remembering one of the Romanian saying: "Romania is the most beautiful country, we have the most beautiful mountains, the richest fields and so on". Mhmmmm, mda, right - if your universe is limited to Romania, that might be true... 

Back here , in every directions I looked I can see only mountain summits. 

Far away on the south, the bigger Alps were there - the reflection from the glaciers can be seen from where we were. 

Murnau is located near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and from here the biggest peak of Germany can also be seen - Zugspitze. 

On the top of the mountains they have a book where tourists can sign, wrote impressions and so on.  A very good idea which can also be implemented in Carpathians (that of course after the people will understand that is not toilet paper  - so perhaps in a few years). 

After we conquered the peak, we continue our journey on the ridge. Again - nobody on the mountain, even the weather is superb and we are really close to Munchen. The fact that nobody was here was one of Konstantin most satisfying moments. 

I call it "mountain goat" - the only living thing we saw during the day in the mountains. 

We arrived at a chalet, located  n another saddle on the ridge- it was already closed in this time of year so my dream of Weissbier were vanished. By the way, I must be honest and admit that they have a very good stuff here: the Weissbier. Wonderful beer. 

From the chalet we climb a second peak. Again, we were rewarded with a beautiful view from the top. The white spot at horizon is the Stubai glacier - my first encounter with the Alps. 

From here we had to make all the way back to the car. 

The part of the descend on the rocky field added a little bit of spice to our trip - I almost run here and I felt good "to ski" on the moving rocks. 

Just before the night fall off we arrive at the car and then back to Murnau. In the evening Konstantin took me out to visit the village/town (Murnau is something between). A typical Alps mountain town - clean and quiet. 

For the second day, the trip will be shorter as in the evening I had to go back to Regensburg. Again, Konstantin choose a route near Murnau (this is not difficult, considering that the town is situated really near the mountains). 

And again, the route was difficult from the start. We climbed very steep from the beginning. The route goes though forest in very short curves and we gain altitude very quickly. The yesterday trip was like a warming so now I feel the engine running well. 

Just before to reach the ridge we passed a hunting hut were I saw one of that "mountain goat" laying in the sun... Well, I'm not sure it was very happy with it's stomach outside... 

Again, we were blessed with an incredible weather - too warm in fact. Here we are on the ridge. 

Konstantin call this mountain his "childhood mountain" as he came frequently here when he was young. And after I reach the summit and looked on the other side of the ridge I understand why. 

The view is breathtaking. At the foot of the wall we just climbed, lay the entire Bavaria. It was very easy from here to spot Munchen for example. 

Konstantin explained me that the entire area was a swamp and what remains from it are those lakes which can be found all over Bavaria. These were left behind in the old times by the glaciers coming down from mountains. 

We continue on the ridge having always on the left side the Bavarian plains and on the right side the summits of the Alps. Our objective is a rather famous peak among the people from Munchen. Konstantin hope that it will not be too crowded when we arrive.

The peak itself is at the end of the main ridge and the view from it explains why so many people come in week-end to climb it. 

On both side of mountains there are lakes. 

And the green color of the one on the right was really beautiful. 

Konstantin had friends here also - I think these are ravens. 

He tried to pet them using cheese. He throw pieces of cheese closer and closer until the raven eat literally from he's hand. 

After the lunch break we had to left behind the beautiful scenery and start the descent. And today also, Konstantin choose a circuit so we will not came down on the same route used when we climbed. 

We had a very speedy descent - just because, without any particular reason. 

After a short pit stop at Konstantin apartment we head to train station in order to catch the brain back to Regensburg. 

Well, this conclude the week-end trip to Alps. In the same spirit of the last blogs ( since when I came back from Asia I'm more flexible in thinking ) I will say that it was not better then in Romania, not worse. It was different and I enjoy these two days in the mountains. 

Thank you very much Konstantin and Michaela for your hospitality and your company. And yeah, in one month we will see again on the ski slopes in Soelden. 

Back in Regensburg, the last three days gone fast, as I spent the evenings together with my cousin and a lots of Weissbier. By the way, thank you Sergiu and good luck in all your enterprises - especially the one as father. 

OK, I'm on the airport now - one more Weissbier and this will conclude my trip to Regensburg. And as I wrote this story I became a little more indulgent - after all, was not quite a pain in the ass to be there for a week. Now, looking back, I think I even enjoy it (or at least part of it). 

But one thing is for sure: under any circumstances I will not move there to work. Maybe in Thassos, living a laid-back live and sucking their money... :) 

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Cristian Bostina spunea...

Frumoasa relatarea dar te rog sa ramai la limba romana.
Greselile de ortografie parca strica tot farmecul povestirii.

In rest "keep it up".

Anonim spunea...


Anonim spunea...

:d) Elena de ce nu a participat?